Food & Kitchen Trends 2023

Food & Kitchen Trends 2023

Sustainability & meat-free is a common thread running through kitchens around the world

What's going to be sizzling, cooking and stewing in our kitchens this year? We took a look at Hanni Rützler's Food Report 2023 and made a list of key points. Here's a hint: it's not so much about reinventing the pot as filling it consciously.

“Meat” is the first trend. It is - obviously - about our meat consumption. People are paying more and more attention to where the meat they consume is coming from as well as its quality. Plus, meat substitutes and vegan alternatives are getting more popular than ever. Consumers are increasingly conscious of what is on offer: is the alternative environmentally friendly? Does it align with my sustainability-oriented lifestyle?

Both aspects are related to one factor that is also gaining in importance: agriculture. A growing preference for regional producers has already been established in recent years. Short supply chains and domestic products are increasingly influencing what we purchase. Trend researchers refer to this turning away from the global and often non-transparent food trade as the “New Glocal” .

Home cooks and restaurant diners alike are interested in two more points. "Veganizing Recipes" where, as the name suggests, traditional recipes are creatively transformed into vegan versions. The other is “Regenerative Food” where organic standards are taken even further and consumers increasingly prefer agricultural producers who take biodiversity and soil regeneration into account.

Last but not least, fusion cuisine is here to stay. The "fusion" trend shows no signs of abating especially on social media. Recipes and cooking techniques from all over the world are being mixed and matched and evolved. The guiding principle being: The whole world comes together to eat in my kitchen - with a focus on sustainability, of course. Come, join us! Bon apetit!