Food & Kitchen Trends 2023 Food & Kitchen Trends 2023

What's going to be sizzling, cooking and stewing in our kitchens this year? We'll summarise what Hanni Rützler's Food Report 2023 had to say. Here's a hint: it's not about reinventing the pot but about filling it more consciously.

Recipe for Polish Christmas Gingerbread Cake

Christmas and gingerbread are almost inseparable in Poland. This cake made of gingerbread dough with spicy aromas and an intense taste can be found in almost every Polish household at Christmas time. Here we present a recipe you can make in your...

Goulash Soup - Hungary's National Dish Goulash Soup - Hungary's National Dish

Goulash soup originated in Hungary and is prepared in many different ways. Here is a brief history of this popular dish with a recipe you can try at home.

Journey with Tartuflanghe into the Truffle Forest Journey with Tartuflanghe into the Truffle Forest

The truffle specialist Tartuflanghe based in the Piedmont region of Italy conquered the gourmet strongholds of the world with their innovative truffle-based products. Everyone can now enjoy fine dining in their own home - top quality without much...

Honey - A Gift From Bees Honey - A Gift From Bees

Honey is of course high in sugar mainly in the form of fructose and glucose. This aromatic natural product remains the first choice as an alternative to refined sugar.

Four Recipes for Autumn Four Recipes for Autumn

The gourmet spice blends by Herbaria are perfect for flavourful autumn recipes. Here are four recipes for you to try out at home.

Cinnamon Roll Day! Cinnamon Roll Day!

Fika. Probably the term most people associate with Sweden. And what do Swedes enjoy most with a fika? You're right - Cinnamon Rolls! They even celebrate Kanebullens Dag or cinnamon roll day every year on October 4.