The History of Spices

What was the Spice Route?

In the late Middle Ages ever more exotic spices came from Asia to Europe. Since the spices were very expensive, Europeans looked for cheaper ways to get their favorite new flavors. Thus the spice route was discovered.

The Most Expensive Spices in the World

In earlier times, the prices of spices were astronomical. However, as soon as the 19th century rolled around, many people could afford spices because the spice monopolies had collapsed. Even today though, there are still many spices that are...

What's the Story Behind the Spice Islands?

You may have heard the name before, but if you look for the Spice Islands on a map, you'll be hard pressed to find them. Today, these islands are no longer known as "The Spice Islands", but how did they get that nickname in the first place?

A Brief History of the Spice Trade

Humans have used spices for a very long time. There is evidence that they were already used as early as the Neolithic period. Later in history, spices became a luxury and even triggered wars. Here is a brief account of the fascinating history of...

Typical South American Spices

From the pampas of Argentina to the sprawling jungles of the Amazon to the slopes of the Andes - South America is a continent of contrasts. With such a diverse landscape, it is not surprising that this area is home to a variety of spices. Many of...

India - Land of Spices

What comes to mind when you think of Indian cuisine? Is curry for you a food or a spice mixture? Do you think of ginger, cumin and cardamom? Just thinking about classic Indian spices makes the mouth start to water. On closer inspection, this is...

The Superstars Among the Spices

Spices are tasty, that's why they are so popular. Not only are they delicious, they also have many beneficial properties. Spices contain many healthy ingredients.