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Shortbread biscuits with almonds based on a Tuscan recipe from 1858

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The world-famous Biscotti di Prato and Cantuccini La Mattonella are creations of traditional bakery Antonio Mattei. The recipe for the fine almond biscuits come from the Italian province of Prato. The original recipe dating from 1858 perfectly represents the sweet side of Tuscany: the creations with almonds, pine nuts, pistachios or Piedmont hazelnuts are popular accompaniments with coffee and tea, but also go very well with wines such as Vin Santo and Prosecco.

The shortbread cookies are traditionally baked twice, refined with secret spices and whole hazelnuts, almonds or pistachios. Only free-range eggs are used in this recipe which does not include any preservatives, animal or vegetable fats.