Herbaria's Moon Milks - Cosy Ayurvedic Nightcaps

Herbaria's Moon Milks - Cosy Ayurvedic Nightcaps

Hollywood stars, foodies and health fans are now relying on Moon Milk to send them off to the realm of sweet dreams!

Cosy up to drinks that inspire sweet dreams, loving moments and a good mood! Discover delicious varieties of Moon Milk - drink mixes that come in beautiful pastel tones and are full of healthy spices. The Sweet Dreams variety features pleasant notes of cinnamon and cocoa, while the Love variety tastes like fruity berries and maca. The Good Mood mix is made with turmeric that harmonises beautifully with slightly sweet lucuma - all made with natural ingredients in outstanding organic quality.

Classic Recipe:

  • Heat up 150 ml of milk, oat drink (or any other plant-based drink), then add a sachet of Moon Milk and whisk the mixture into the milk. You can also froth up the milk with a milk frother for an extra extravagant nightcap! If you like, you can also sweeten your Moon Milk with maple syrup or honey.

The Power of Ayurvedic Spices
Each variety of Moon Milk contains ingredients that can have a beneficial effect on the body and mind. The recipes are based the classic Moon Milk recipe from India. Moon milks have been prepared using Ayurvedic spices and honey for centuries and are known for their calming, stress-relieving effect. The spice Ashwagandha is a powerful so-called "adaptogen", that is found in all of Herbaria's Moon Milk varieties. It promotes falling asleep and concentration.

What are Adaptogens?
In naturopathy, a few herbs, spices, mushrooms and roots are known as "adaptogens". These adaptogens work exactly where they are needed in the body, providing energy. According to Ayurvedic teachings and other traditional methods for healing, adaptogens balance all the body's systems, stabilising them and stimulating the body's self-healing powers. The adaptogens support bringing the body and psyche into equilibrium, helping one better process challenges and stress. Turmeric, ashwagandha, maca and ginger are all important adaptogens that are included in each of Herbaria's Moon Milk variety.

A Feast for the Eyes
Whether you enjoy a cozy cocoa brown, an encouraging pink or rich orange colour - Herbaria's Moon Milks are all a treat for the eyes. If you serve them with foamy milk, they look like pastel versions of cappuccinos, although the colours all come from natural plant dyes! The beautiful drinks invite you to relax and enjoy a moment of harmony.

The Herbaria Company
The Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH company has used sustainable and climate-neutral policies for 100 years.