How Do I Grill Different Kinds of Meat?

In this article, the third of our series regarding great grilling, learn how meat can be best prepared and how long you should keep it on the grill. Proper grilling makes a big difference in flavor!

Beef steaks

Let's start with the basics: the flavor of the steak depends a lot of which cut it is. If you choose a cut of meat from the hip or hindquarters, your steak will be nice and tender. Meat from the upper back is cheaper, but it may be too tough after grilling. Our tip: steaks from the ribs or ribeye steaks. Meat from the flanks is also much juicier than the very expensive sirloin. Chateaubriand, Entrecote, Porterhouse or T-Bone steaks are also very good. Try to avoid very lean meat, as it has little flavor.
Grill steaks that are about as thick as a thumb over high heat for three to five minutes on each side and then let them rest for about five minutes.

Fillet steaks

These steaks are the tenderest for barbecuing, whether you use pork, beef or veal. They are simply the best meat. Cut the fillets into about three centimeters thick pieces and then marinate them in oil. Make the marinade yourself, as it makes a big difference in flavor. It's important to note- do not salt the steaks until after grilling!
Grill the steaks for three to four minutes over high heat, until they are brown on each side. Then move to indirect heat and let them continue cooking.


Cut thick edges of fat off first, but you can leave a thin strip of fat on the meat to keep the meat juicy. Steaks, chops or slices of meat from the legs are best for grilling. 
Grill for about five minutes on each side. Then move to indirect heat and let the meat continue to cook. Serve and eat as long as the meat is hot.


Legs, wings, turkey steaks or breast fillets are best suited for grilling. The cuts can be cooked at medium heat for at least ten to fifteen minutes on each side. Turkey steaks can be grilled for five minutes on high heat on each side.


Pork chops will dry out quickly when grilling. Place them in oil in advance. The neck pieces tend to be juicier because they have more fat. Cut back the fat on the sides until only a narrow strip is left. Thus, the meat will be more tender. You can also pound it with a meat tenderizer before grilling. 
Grill the chops on both sides for about six minutes, and then leave them high above the embers to cook for another five minutes.


Prior to cooking, you should superficially slice the sausages couple of times to let the pressure out while cooking. Brush them lightly with oil and then grill. At medium heat the sausages will be finished after ten minutes.

Ground Meat

This meat is very sensitive. It must therefore be well chilled prior to grilling. Grill the patties until they are cooked through. The tighter you pack the pattie together, the better. 
Grilled meat not withstand intense heat. Grill them for seven to ten minutes on each side by medium heat. 


Spareribs can be somewhat more complicated, but are totally worth it. The original recipe from America calls for the ribs to be boiled briefly and then simmered on the stove on low heat for about an hour. Then rub them with BBQ Rub and grill for about 45 minutes at low temperature. Be sure to close the lid of the grill. The ribs taste best when they are repeatedly smeared with barbecue sauce while grilling.

Bon appetit and happy grilling!